1. Drain gutter for fluids
    Model No. 101.6600.0
    made of stainless steel, for installation behind the seat section.
  2. Special seat section pad
    Model No. 101.4950.0
    for Urodynamics section, W 585 mm, L 350 mm.
    Replaces standard seat section pad.

    Adapting section
    Model No. 101.4960.0
    as extension, two-piece, for Urodynamics section, each piece: W 220 mm, L 150 mm. (requires side rails 101.1390.0)
  1. Supporting bar
    Model No. 101.4980.0
    for upright positioning (80°) of the back section upholstery.
  2. Side rails (pair)
    Model No. 101.1380.0
    stainless steel, 25 x 10 mm, fixed to back section, for the attachment of accessories, 480 mm long. (subsequent fitting not possible)
  1. Side rails (pair)
    Model No. 101.1390.0
    stainless steel, 25 x 10 mm, 150 mm long, for the seat, usable with 101.4420.0 or 101.4550.0, for fixation of the adapting section 101.4960.0 (subsequent fitting not possible)
  2. Arm rest
    Model No. 101.1030.0
    integral foam pad, antistatic, black, with straps and clamp 101.1660.0, horizontally and vertically adjustable, tiltable by ball-and-socket joint, 400 mm long pad, stainless steel attachment. (Side rails, model no. 100.1380.0 are required)

Socket for potential equalisation
Model No. 101.4930.0


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