1. Foot rest for the doctor 
    Model No. 101.4750.0
    stainless steel
    (not possible in combination with the gyro flushing basin 101.4940.0/101.4990.0 and the instrument disposal 101.2040.0)
  2. Mounting step
    Model No. 101.4520.0
    fixed to the chair, movable, tread of
    plastic material in silver grey
    (not possible in combination with mobility 101.2300.0, gyro flushing basin 1001.4940.0/101.4990.0 or instrument disposal 101.2040.0)
  1. Plastic cover
    Model No. 101.4810.0
    for the upholstery of the seat
  2. Plastic covers (pair)
    Model No. 101.4800.1

    of transparent material, for foot supports

2 Power sockets
Model no. 101.4900.0
for 115.7150.1, acc. to EN 60601-1

2 Power sockets 
Model no. 101.4910.0
as Model no. 101.4900.0, but “Swiss type“ socket

2 Power sockets
Model no. 101.6800.0
for 115.7250.1 and 115.7550.1
according to EN 60601-1, activation of 1 socket by manual control unit.

2 Power sockets
Model no. 101.6810.0
as Model no. 101.6800.0, but "Swiss design".

Other country-specific sockets available on request.

No subsequent fitting of sockets.


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