Patient Transport

STX 280 - Transporters/OR-tables for patient transport, emergencies, intensive care and X-ray

280.1800.0 and 280.2060.0 with 280.3110.1 and accessories 203.3900.0, 203.1480.0 (without emergency unit). Colour: white aluminium RAL 9006
  • Unobstructed access of an X-ray image intensifier.
  • Underneath the X-ray permeable table top there are guide rails for the insertion of X-ray cassettes. Radiographies from head to toe are possible.
  • Neatly and accurately arranged control elements combined with excellent mobility help to meet the special needs of traumatotherapy and emergency care.
  • Of its solid, welldesigned construction, the Schmitz STX can also be used as an operating table
  • Differently shaped table tops can be fitted onto the chassis in either direction. Moreover the STX is also designed to carry a casualty lying on a stretcher.

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