OPX mobilis RC


  1. The SAF mattresses ensure prevention of pressure ulcers along with enhanced patient comfort.
  2. A fixation of the pads by means of adhesive gel strips provides optimal retention of the pads. The adhesive gel strips are disinfection-proof, thus creating optimised hygienic conditions inside the OR theatre.
  1. Optional accessory: Radiolucent CFRP bar at the back section.
  2. Head and leg plates removable at the push of a button
    Patient positioning in reverse mode thanks to an easy exchange of head and leg plates. The interlocking adaptors allow an easy attachment of the table elements.
  1. Central delivery point for connection of mains cable (RC models) and potential equalization. Activating key and display for technical status information.
  2. Castors with caps for splash protection

Battery charger
for electro-hydraulic tables, removable. Charging time: approx. 8 hrs, small and handy execution, resistant to damages; IEC 60320 standard plug socket with inserted mains cable. Trickle charging of batteries.

Foot control (as optional accessory)
for RC models, for all electric table functions. Activating and "Return to zero" keys.


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