OPX mobilis RC


Accessories for neurosurgery

  1. Doro Universal basic unit 
    Model No. 101.0142.0

    with double-joint adjustment, attachment to adaptor 101.0141.0/101.2720.0 (see previous page) or crossbar attachment 101.0014.0.
  2. Doro Skull Clamp adaptor
    Model No. 101.0113.0
    to attach skull clamp 101.0127.0 or shaped head rest 101.0156.0 to universal basic unit 101.0142.0.
  1. Doro Skull Clamp adaptor with ball-and-socket joint
    Model No. 101.0168.0
    provides 360° rotation, horizontal inclination up to 90°, to attach Skull Clamp 101.0127.0 or Shaped head rest 101.0156.0 to Connecting piece 101.0142.0.
  2. Doro Skull Clamp
    Model No. 101.0127.0
    for a secure and stable 3-point fixation of patient‘s head in  supine, prone, lateral or sitting position. With 3 pins for adults.
  1. Doro Skull Pins
    Model No. 101.0180.0

    3 pcs. reusable skull pins, paediatric.
  2. Doro Skull Pins
    Model No. 101.0188.0
    3 pcs. reusable skull pins, adult
  1. Doro Shaped head rest
    Model no. 101.0156.0

    double-adjustment, U-shaped gel pads, requires Skull clamp adaptor 101.0113.0 and basic unit 101.0142.0.
  2. Cross-bar attachment
    Model No. 101.0014.0

    stainless steel, for seated patient positioning in neurosurgery, adjustment for different table widths. Requires 2 clamps 101.0018.0!

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