OPX mobilis RC


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  1. Arm rest
    Model No. 101.0192.0
    for an easy and quick positioning of the patient‘s arm in any position, adjustable in any direction by means of only one star handle, foam pad with antistatic cover, 450mm long, with arm strap and attachment clamp, stainless steel.
  2. Arm rest
    Model No. 101.0019.0

    covered foam pad, antistatic, 450 mm long, with arm strap and attachment clamp, horizontally and vertically adjustable, tiltable via ball-and-socket joint, stainless steel.
  1. Arm rest
    Model No. 101.0109.1
    covered foam pad, antistatic, height adjustment range: 80 mm, one-touch swivelling through 360°, turning and tilting up to +/- 35°, incl. stainless steel clamp, 600 x 170 mm (W x D).
  2. Fastening strap
    Model No. 101.0252.0
    padded fastening strap for arm supports, made of especially soft antistatic material without sharp edges, 840 mm long
    Fastening strap
    Model No. 101.0262.0
    padded fastening strap for immobilising the legs on  Göpel-type leg supports, made of especially soft antistatic material without sharp edges, 1400 mm long
  1. Wristlet
    Model No. 101.0123.0
    with stainless steel clamp, washable and exchangeable Velcro strap
  2. Wristlet
    Model No. 101.0137.0
    to be attached to anaesthetic frame 101.0012.0, washable and exchangeable Velcro strap, stainless steel
  1. Leg restraint strap
    Model No. 101.0164.0
    washable and exchangeable Velcro strap for leg fixation, suitable for leg sections 101.0116.1
  2. Body restraint strap
    Model No. 101.0177.0
    with stainless steel clamps, washable and exchangeable Velcro strap

    Body restraint strap
    Model no. 101.0455.0

    as 101.0177.0, but each side 1,000 mm long, of which 600 mm hook-and-loop zone. (w/o ill.)
  1. Anaesthetic frame
    Model No. 101.0012.0
    stainless steel, with swivelling clamp 101.0146.0, height adjustable, secured against turning around
  2. Anaesthetic frame extension (pair)
    Model No. 101.0111.0
    for anaesthetic frame 101.0012.0, swivelling, laterally adjustable, length 300 mm
  1. Infusion pole
    Model No. 101.0139.0
    stainless steel, with 4 hooks, height adjustable, attachment clamp with ball-and-socket joint.
  2. Arm protector
    Model No. 101.0153.0
    comfortable for the OR staff positioned at the side of the OR table, safe protection and anatomically correct positioning of the patient‘s arm by the protector, which is pushed under the OR table pad and secured by the patient‘s weight, 400 x 230 x 210 mm (W x D x H).
  1. Flexible anaesthetic frame
    No. 101.0125.0
    2000 mm long, 2 attachment clamps 101.0146.0 required.
  2. Tube holder
    Model No. 101.0154.0

    for secure positioning of ventilation tubes and monitor cables, helix flexible shaft, height adjustable, with robust plastic plate. Requires attachment clamp 101.0146.0

Mayo instruments table
Model no. 101.0166.0

fixing to the side rail by means of attachment clamp, height adjustable 250 mm and swivelling via self-locking ball-and-socket joint, thus always ensuring horizontal positioning of the tray, safe working load approx. 6 kg, dimensions of tray: 450 x 260 mm (W x D).

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