OPX mobilis 300


Supports and clamps

Attachment clamp
Model no. 101.0147.0

for rods diam. 16 to 20 mm and side rails 25 x 10 mm.

  1. Attachment clamp
    Model No. 101.0132.0
    non-swivel type, suitable for poles of 16 to 18 mm diameter and square-section poles of 10 x 25 mm, stainless steel.
  2. Attachment clamp
    Model No. 101.0146.0
    swivel type, suitable for poles of 16 to 18 mm diameter, stainless steel.
  1. Attachment clamp
    Model No. 101.0018.0
    stainless steel, swivel type, with quick release and lock, suitable for rods of 16 to 18 mm diameter,
  2. Attachment clamp
    Model No. 101.0117.0
    stainless steel, non-swivel type, with quick release and lock, suitable for square-section poles 20 x 20 mm.
  1. Shoulder support (one pair)
    Model No. 101.0010.0
    including 2 clamps 101.0117.0 and 2 antistatic pads as well as 2 attachment bars to adjust pads horizontally and vertically.
  2. Lateral support (one piece)
    Model No. 101.0121.0
    simple version, including attachment clamp to side rail, smooth antistatic pad (100 x 215 mm).
  1. Bracket for body support
    Model No. 101.0121.0
    necessary for attaching body supports no. 101.0135.0, 101.0151.0, 101.0162.0 and 101.0175.0. Enables double swivelling and horizontal as well as vertical adjustment of the supports, includes clamp 101.0117.0.

    Body supports to be attached in combination with bracket 101.0121.0(please consider bracket plus supports):
  2. Body support roll
    Model No. 101.0135.0
    antistatic foam pad, 200 x 65 mm
  3. Shoulder/lateral support
    Model No. 101.0151.0
    (concave foam pad, antistatic, 215 x 100 mm
  4. Back/buttock support
    Model No. 101.0162.0
    antistatic foam pad, 200 x 120 mm
  5. Pubis/sacrum/sternum support
    Model No. 101.0175.0
    antistatic foam pad, 85 x 85 mm
  1. Rectoscopy/Buttocks support
    Model no. 101.0178.0
    adjustable in width, with soft pad, for rectal positioning and spinal surgery. Requires 2 clamps 101.0018.0 or 101.0146.0!
  2. Knee/foot rest
    Model no. 101.0186.0
    for DIAMOND operating tables, for rectal and spinal surgeries with the patient in knee/elbow position, serves also as foot rest for laparoscopic surgery, to be fixed to leg section, including 2 attachment clamps 101.0132.0.

    Knee/foot rest
    Model no. 101.2070.1
    similar to 101.0186.0, but for mobilis Operating tables. (w/o ill.)



  1. Side guards (pair)
    Model no. 101.0248.0

    stainless steel, to safeguard the patient during transportation on the OR table, foldable, incl. clamp. The side guard locks automatically when raised. 615 x 300 mm (L x H)
  2. Pad for side guards
    Model no. 101.0249.0

    el. conductive, removable, for side guards 101.0248.0

Handles (pair)
Model no. 101.0586.0

to be mounted to the head plate, for an easy moving of the operating table.


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