OPX mobilis 300


Carbon fibre accessories

  1. Carbon plate
    Model no. 101.7151.0
    for DIAMOND operating tables, radiolucent CFRP plate, for mounting to the back section of the OR table. 1,200mm long, 1,000mm of which radiolucent. With 60 mm SAF mattress, antistatic, with prop rod.
    Safe working load:
    with prop rod 225 kg
    without prop rod 140 kg

    Carbon plate
    Model no. 101.7154.0

    similar to 101.7151.0, for OPX mobilis operating tables (w/o ill.)
    Safe working load:
    with prop rod 225 kg
    without prop rod 100 kg
  2. Side rail for carbon plate
    Model no. 101.7152.0

    stainless steel side rails 25 x 10 mm, 220 mm long, for attachment to the carbon plates 101.7151.0 and 101.7154.0.
  1. Special leg plate
    Model no. 101.7050.1
    for mobilis operating tables, 2-section, with radiolucent CFRP plate, for attachment at seat section. Length: 850 mm, of which 730 mm radiolucent, extendable by 250 mm by means of attachable laminate plates. Width: 2 x 250 mm. Can be loaded with up to 30 kg each. Inclination and spreading by means of interlocking system and clamping levers. 60 mm SAF mattress, antistatic.
  2. Special arm rest
    Model no. 101.7200.1
    with radiolucent CFRP plate, attachment to the side rails. 700 x 250 mm, 600 mm of which radiolucent. Can be loaded up to 25 kg. Swivelling horizontally with interlocking system and handwheel. 25 mm SAF pad, antistatic.

CFRP crossbar
Model no. 101.2950.0

for mobilis operating tables, installed at back section, radiolucent


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