OPX mobilis 200

Technical Data

    Width of table top                  540 mm
    Total width                  590 mm
    Base plate1,120 mm x 580 mm
    Diameter of the castors                  125 mm
    Height adjustment
    (w/o pads)
           690 – 1,050 mm
    Trendelenburg, hydraulic                         30°
    Reverse Trendelenburg, hydraulic                         30°
    Back section               +75°/–50°
    Leg plate(s)               +20°/–90°
    Head rest               +30°/–45°
    Net weight,
    incl. head/leg sections

                        160 kg
    Weight capacity*:
    Max. static load
    Safe working load

                up to 225 kg
                up to 185 kg
    * The weight capacity may vary depending on the patient‘s orientation
    and position on the tabletop.


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