OPX mobilis 200


    mobilis® 200
    Model No. 161.2010.1
    Operating table with hydraulic foot pump for the following two movements:
    – High/Low,
    – Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg
    Two-part, radiolucent table top comprising: Back section and seat section with cut-out for gynaecology
    With servo-assisted adjustment of the back section. Integrated cassette slot. Antistatic special foam pads. Table frame construction of stainless steel , sandblasted and electropolished, disinfectant-proof. Side rails of stainless steel, 25 x 10 mm, on both sides of the table top for attaching accessories, column with stainless steel panelling. Mobile on four antistatic double-castors with cap against fluids, central brake by pump lever. Mobile base in shock-resistant plastic material, desinfectant proof.

    Please consider head and leg sections as basic accessories!

    mobilis® 200/G
    Model No. 161.2050.1

    as Model No. 161.2010.1, but with integrated body/kidney elevator.

    1. Head rest
      Model no. 101.2580.1

      servo-assisted one-hand tilting, detachable at the push of a button, with integrated X-ray cassette tunnel.
    2. Head rest
      Model no. 101.2590.1
      double-adjustment, servo-assisted weight compensation, detachable at the push of a button, with integrated X-ray cassette tunnel.
    1. 2 Section leg section
      Model No. 101.2170.1

      detachable, manual swivelling and servo-assisted tilting with weight compensation
    2. Leg section
      Model No. 101.2180.1

      one-piece version, servo-assisted tilting, detachable

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