OPX mobilis 200


Accessories for orthopaedics, traumatology and spinal surgery

  1. Shoulder surgery plate
    Model no. 101.0244.0

    for DIAMOND 50/60 operating table models, for attachment to the electromotive leg section joints, allowing inclination adjustment up to +90°. Free access to the shoulder area thanks to individually fold-down and removable padded segments. Quick removing of segments by pulling a lock pin. Thanks to their hinged attachment to the shoulder
    surgery plate, the segments can remain at the table during the surgery, eliminating the need of interim storage. Swivelling socket for the head rest joint provides an improved access to the surgical field. 3 positioning options for a lateral body support on both sides of the shoulder surgery plate, incl. 1 lateral body support 101.0245.0 Visco-elastic
    foam pads with antistatic cover. Requires in addition: fixture 101.0187.0 and shaped head rest 101.0266.0.

    Shoulder surgery plate
    Model no. 101.0243.0

    similar to 101.0244.0, for DIAMOND 40 operating table models, manual adjustment of inclination angle up to + 90° with gas spring assistance. (w/o ill.)

    Shoulder surgery plate
    Model no. 101.0242.0

    similar to 101.0244.0, for OPX mobilis operating table models, manual adjustment of inclination angle up to + 90° with gas spring assistance. (w/o ill.)
  2. Shoulder arthroscopy plate
    Model no. 101.2790.1

    for mobilis operating tables, attachment instead of leg plate, manual adjustment with gas spring assistance, with individually detachable lateral pads for free access to the shoulders, with side rails. Requires head rest connector 101.0363.0 or 101.0364.0 or fixture 101.0187.0 and shaped head rest 101.0266.0.
  1. Shaped head rest for shoulder surgery
    Model no. 101.0266.0

    U-shaped helmet with soft pads and 2 flexible lateral pads for different head sizes. Safe positioning of the head by means of 2 soft straps, hygienic quick-release catch. Max. admissible patient weight up to 225 kg. Requires fixture 101.0187.0 for attachment to the shoulder surgery plate
  2. Lateral body support
    Model no. 101.0245.0

    stainless steel, removable visco-elastic pad with antistatic cover. With quick-locking device, release by means of push button. For attachment to shoulder surgery plates 101.0244.0, 101.0243.0 and 101.0242.0
  1. Shoulder traction device
    Model no. 101.0253.0

    System for weightless shoulder suspension, allows for traction settings up to 18.2 kg with a simple turn of the tension adjustment knob. Boom arm adjustable 0° to 90°. Swivel boom head allowing the pulley to align properly with the cord. Fold-down system for easy storage. Incl. 1 sterile arm holder and clamps for attachment to the side rails of the OR table. Max. admissible patient weight: up to 227 kg.
  2. Sterile arm trap disposables
    Model no. 101.0265.0

    for easy attachment to shoulder traction device 101.0253.0. (carton with 6 pcs.)
  1. Weinberger hand traction device
    Model No. 101.0163.1
    radiolucent, for hand and finger positioning and traction, hand plate and finger holder of plastic material, to be attached to the humerus positioning device 101.0136.0
  2. Traction unit
    Model no. 101.0105.0

    for traction of the arm in forearm fractures, incl. attachment clamp. Can only be used in combination with the Axilla support 101.0257.0, the elbow support 101.0258.0 and the Weinberger hand traction device 101.0163.1.
  1. Axilla support
    Model no. 101.0257.0

    padded radiolucent countertraction post, incl. clamp, can only be used in combination with the elbow support 101.0258.0
  2. Elbow support
    Model no. 101.0258.0

    for reduction of elbow fractures, incl. clamp Requires Axilla support 101.0257.0, Weinberger hand traction device 101.0163.0 and the Traction unit 101.0105.0.

  1. Humerus positioning device
    Model no. 101.0136.0
    for intramedullary nailing of the upper arm, vertical rod and horizontal linear guide with accessory rail, adjustable by means of locking ball-and-socket joint, for attachment of the Weinberger hand traction device 101.0163.0 (to be ordered separately). Requires attachment clamp 101.0146.0.
  2. Humerus countertraction post
    Model no. 101.0152.0
    padded, radiolucent, safe working load: 12 kg. Requires attachment clamp 101.0146.0.
  1. Arm/hand operating table
    Model No. 101.0108.0
    radiolucent CFRP board with covered antistatic foam pad, ergonomic shape for optimal access to the surgical field, 815 x 520 mm (W x D). Without the support bar, load capacity up to 25 kg.
  2. Arm/hand operating table
    Model No. 101.0070.1
    radiolucent plastic board with antistatic pad, cassette slot, length 700 mm, width 300 mm.
  1. Upper arm positioning plate
    Model No. 101.0122.0

    radiolucent, height adjustment approx. 100 mm by means of clamp, swivels through 90°, foam pad 210 x 260 mm, (W x D), safe working load: 10 kg.
    Requires attachment clamp 101.0117.0.
  2. Pad
    Model no. 101.0015.0

    for intervertebral disc operations, two-sectional for individual adaptation to the patient`s body size, radiolucent, antistatic. Thoracic cushion 500 x 250 x 200 mm (W x D x H), pelvic cushion 500 x 340 x 200 mm (W x D x H).
  1. Knee-elbow positioning device
    Model no. 101.0150.0

    for DIAMOND operating tables, attachment at the back section, for knee-elbow positioning of the patient for spinal surgery, covered foam pad, antistatic, height adjustment 200 mm by means of hand crank, with side rails. Safe working load: 135 kg. 510 x 500 x 120 mm (W x D x H).
  2. Lateral support pad (piece)
    Model no. 101.0190.0
     lateral support of patient, attachment to the knee-elbow positioning device 101.0150.0 by means of clamp (incl.)
  1. Leg support
    Model no. 101.0259.0

    holds the patient‘s leg for an easier skin disinfection, movable foot holder, height adjustable. Requires clamp 101.0146.0.
  2. Meniscus positioning device
    Model no. 101.0261.0

    radiolucent support roll, flexible positioning of leg by using swivel-type clamp, requires clamp 101.0146.0.

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