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Extension device

Extension device
Model no. 101.0270.0
For treatment of all kinds of lower limb fractures. Essential features:

  • fast, simple and secure attaching of the device to the DIAMOND or mobilis Operating Tables 
  • modular structure for optimal range of application
  • unobstructed access to the lower limbs for X-ray image intensifier and complete transillumination of the two axes
  • well-devised accessories for comfortable and precise positioning of the patient 
  • disinfectant-proof stainless-steel construction

For attachment to the operating table, with positioning plate and countertraction post, extension bars with firm positive double joints for swivelling and height adjustment. Joint in the bar can either be adjusted horizontally or vertically for optimal X-ray accessibility. Shiftable traction units mounted on the extension bars; tilting, swivelling and rotation joint. All metal parts are made of electropolished stainless steel.

A novel wedge clamping allows an optimized continuous swivelling of the extension bars.

Ball clamping
Extension unit

An innovative ball clamping with integrated extension unit assists the operator in the exact  adjustment of the surgical site for hip arthroscopy and in the precise repositioning of fractures of the lower extremities.

1 Max. pull-out extension bar
2 Degree of extension
  1. Clear markers at the extension device for a safe operation at all times.
  2. Simple fine tuning and intraoperative adjustment as well as monitoring of the required extension forces are possible at all times thanks to the scaling at the traction mechanism.

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