Technical data

    Length of table-top  960 mm
    Length of head section   300 mm
    Length of leg section   700 mm
    Width of table-top   550 mm
    Overall width   600 mm
    Table footprint (length x width) 1,140 mm x 705 mm
    Diameter of double castors   125 mm
    Height adjustment range (w/o pads)
    - DIAMOND 40 K
    - DIAMOND 50 BK

     615 mm - 1,115 mm
     620 mm - 1,120 mm
    - incl. longitudinal shift function

     665 mm - 1,165 mm
     680 mm - 1,180 mm
    Trendelenburg, electrohydraulic 30°
    Reverse Trendelenburg, electrohydraulic 30°
    Lateral adjustment, electrohydraulic +/- 20°
    Longitudinal shift
    (DIAMOND 40 LK and DIAMOND 60 BLK)

    approx. 300 mm
    Radiolucent area
    - with head and leg sections and back section extension, totally
    - with carbon plate

    2,260 mm
     1,760 mm
    Back section, electrohydraulic
    - with shoulder surgery plate
    - 40°/+ 70°
        - 20°/+ 90°
    Electrohydraulic inclination of leg section
    (DIAMOND 50 BK and 60 BLK)

    - 90°/+ 70°
    Manual inclination of leg section, gas spring assisted - 90°/+ 10°
    Spread angle of leg plates 120°
    Inclination of head section, gas spring assisted - 45°/+ 25°
    Tilt angle of head section pad 25°
    Total weight incl. head and leg sections approx. 280 kg
    Total weight capacity up to 454 kg
    Safe working load up to 360 kg
    Battery operation
    Integrated battery charger/mains adaptor
    Emergency operation via mains power supply
    Mechanical emergency override of all hydraulic functions
    Voltage range of mains adaptor 115 V/230 V, 50/60 Hz 

     ■ standard equipment

    We reserve the right to alter the design, construction, dimensions and finish of our products without notice. All relevant dimensions and weights are to be understood as approximate information/data.


    Standard configuration:
    Two-section, radiolucent table-top, composed of:
    – Back section
    – Seat section with cutout for gynaecology  (optionally also without gyn. cutout)

    Electrohydraulic adjustment functions:
    – High/Low
    – Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg
    – Lateral tilt
    – Back section
    – Leg plates (DIAMOND 50 BK and DIAMOND 60 BLK)
    – Longitudinal shift function (DIAMOND 40 LK and DIAMOND 60 BLK)

    Override systems:
    Independent adjustment of table functions by means of detachable emergency control panel, electrohydraulic (available as an optional equipment for DIAMOND 40 models) and emergency control handwheels at the column and foot pump (hydraulic).

    Radiolucent table-top, SAF mattress, 60 mm thick, antistatic. Stainless steel table frame construction, sandblasted and electropolished, disinfection-proof. Stainless steel side rails 25 x 10 mm on both sides of the table-top for attachment of accessories, telescopic height adjustment column with stainless steel cover. Table base cover of impact-proof ABS, colour silver-grey, with two inlaid SST plates to protect the cover, SST floor pan. All SST elements are made of high-grade material, EN steel number 1.4301. Chassis with 4 double castors with central lock, 2 of which antistatic. 1 of the 4 castors with directional lock. 5th spring-loaded directional castor, activated by foot pedal on both sides (optional accessory). Table with return-to-zero function and crash detection (performance features depending on model). Memory function and individual setting of 0 position (DIAMOND 50 and 60 models). Input voltage at power supply: 115 V/230 V, 50/60 Hz.


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