Standard equipment - Model No. 140.1010.0
Main section featuring seat and back, foot section; on casters, central locking device.

Seat section features a recess of 150 mm radius.

Two-part pad for main section and foot section made of highly elastic coated foam, moisture repellent and secured against slipping. Colour: stone grey 96

Casing and frame made of powder coated sheet steel according to colour chart.

1 two-part cover, white, may be washed at 95 °C.

Main and foot sections may be separated. The foot section may be pushed under the main section, four locking positions.

Back rest may be attached at the head or foot end, with imitation leather covering in stone grey 96.

Two Göpel-type leg supports, stainless steel 18/10, integral foam pad in silver-grey, height adjustable. Two rotating joints to attach the leg supports. Quick changing of leg supports e.g from parking position to shock position.

Two handles, stainless steel 18/10, integral foam in silver-grey, may be attached at the sides.

Infusion rod with 4 hooks, stainless steel 18/10, may be attached at the head and near the handles, height adjustable.

Back support near the seat recess, semi-circular, integral foam silver-grey, for birth in squatting position.

Two hand controls with helix cable, left and right of the main section, for infinite adjustment driven by an electric motor:

  • Height adjustment of main section
  • Adjustment of back section
  • Adjustment of seat section
  • Inclination of top (shock position)
  • Height adjustment of foot section (via connection with main section)

    The integrated emergency power supply guarantees security in case of short-term power failure.


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