Foot supports (pair)
Model no. 104.6060.0

stainless steel attachment, foot plates of plastic material, grey

Model No. 104.6010.0
to support the back

Fitted cover
Model No. 104.6020.0

for two-part-pad, white, may be washed at 95° C

Rinsing basin
Model No . 104.6050.0

made of stainless steel, 355 x 325 x 100 mm (L x W x D)

Supporting bar
Model no. 104.6030.0
to stabilize the shoulder girdle, powder-coated steel tube, tiltable and height adjustable,
with two SST swivel-type clamps, mounting on side rails

Handles (pair)
Model No. 104.6040.0
detachable, powder coated steel tube,attachment to back section, SST clamp. May be turned downwards; integrated holder for remote control


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