Video Colposcope vidan®2

vidan®2 Software: The integrated solution for an efficient workflow - convenient, quick, easy to handle

Easy creating of new personal entries directly via the touchscreen monitor. Patient allocation can therefore be done directly at the examination chair. Implementing vidan®2 into the existing IT system also allows creating a worklist for time-saving work.

Creating new images/videos with automatic patient allocation.

Selecting created images/videos for archiving in the patient file.

Selection of archiving method - storing of images / videos in a drop folder in the local network or data storing on a USB flash drive.

USB port

In addition to a direct network connection via LAN cable, images and videos can be exported via a USB port (for data protection reasons, the USB port comes equipped with a security lock, w/o ill.)

Information on connecting to the medical office software

vidan®2 can be operated autonomously via a USB memory device (not included in the delivery) for archiving images and videos. In addition, archiving can be done through a network link via a specified output folder in the local network.

Optionally, vidan®2 can also be integrated into existing IT systems via DICOM, GDT or HL7 interface. Please check with your IT service provider whether vidan®2 can be integrated into your existing medical office software.

SCHMITZ does not connect, install and/or implement the vidan®2 software into existing IT systems nor does it act as an advisor. SCHMITZ also does not guarantee the integration of the software into existing IT systems and a second video source, such as an ultrasound device.


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