Video Colposcope vidan®2

Technical data

Camera:Full-HD 1080p
Resolution:1.920 x 1.080 pixels
Zoom: optical 42x (continuous), fixed 6x / 15x zoom
Working distance:250 – 330 mm
Focussing: autofocus and manual focus
White balance: automatic
Colour filter: green light with electronic filter
LED illumination: 3 stages of brightness up to max. 30.000 lux
Colour temperature:5.700 K
Lifetime of LED: 10 years
Recording function: image (JPEG) and video (MPEG4) of max. 1 minute length, still frame
Monitor:21,5“ Full HD monitor with medical approval
Switching function: at the monitor, display of images coming either from the video colposcope or from a 2nd or 3rd digital video source (optional)
vidan®2 software:already pre-installed, to support a linear workflow
from viewing to archiving
Ports:- USB 3.0 Type A
- LAN (RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet)
- HDMI-IN (one port included as standard,
  one additional port can be added via the optional connectivity package)
- HDMI-OUT (one port via the optional connectivity package)
Possibly required network or HDMI cable or USB media devices are not included in the delivery!


Please take note of the Medical Devices Act, in particular, the Medical Device Operator Ordinance for all potential connections.


Information on connecting to the medical office software

vidan®2 can be operated autonomously via a USB memory device (not included in the delivery) for archiving images and videos. In addition, archiving can be done through a network link via a specified output folder in the local network.

Optionally, vidan®2 can also be integrated into existing IT systems via DICOM, GDT or HL7 interface. Please check with your IT service provider whether vidan®2 can be integrated into your existing medical office software.

SCHMITZ does not connect, install and/or implement the vidan®2 software into existing IT systems nor does it act as an advisor. SCHMITZ also does not guarantee the integration of the software into existing IT systems and a second video source, such as an ultrasound device.


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