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Feedback from our customers

Elke Grotegut-Semik, Werne, Germany:
The vidan® video colposcope has become indispensable for me.

“I believe that the importance of colposcopy is growing in gynaecology. The new version of the S3 guideline on preventing cervical carcinoma deems a colposcopy to be necessary for investigating anomalies. This marks a great improvement in the process. I find it much easier to use a video colposcope than a conventional device. The results can be archived conveniently and patients can be more involved in the examination process.

As long as the patient is happy, I use every opportunity to show them what I can see on the screen. This makes it much easier to explain the results, and in many cases puts the women at ease before the examination and even diagnosis.

As the patients can see the portio themselves, they are often much calmer and can visualise the results better. The before-and-after diagrams are very useful for documenting results and compliance. Of course, it doesn’t work without high-resolution image quality.

I also use the vidan® for vulvar examinations. It helps me identify even very small changes and display the results. This makes it much easier to talk to the patient about pains, abnormalities and medical conditions.
I really like being able to display other image sources on the screen. I’m planning to use this option in future for ultrasound scans.

It’s great to be able to maintain eye contact with the patient throughout the entire examination. And it’s handy not to have to adjust my posture to the colposcope.

The vidan® doesn’t necessarily save me time because the colposcope takes a while to automatically focus. For example, sometimes the instrument focuses on something else – such as the labia – and I have to realign the vidan®.

The vidan® is extremely easy to operate. However, sometimes I could do with an even bigger radius of movement. The automatic focusing of the colposcope could also be smoother on occasions.

All in all, the vidan® has become indispensable for me. It’s easy to use, the zoom options are perfect and I can make good use of it in day-to-day examinations. The fact that the video colposcope is very compact is a particularly practical feature.”

Dr. med. Paata Saria, Dortmund, Germany:
The purchase of two vidan® video colposcopes has already paid off.

“In my view, colposcopy is part of every gynaecological examination without a doubt. I just don’t think it’s possible to carry out a high quality examination without a colposcopy.

For me, the advantages of video colposcopy are that it saves time, builds patient trust and increases reliability in the examination. I can use the time I save in the colposcopy to talk to the patient. This creates trust and closeness, especially in my brand new practice with new patients. The purchase of two chairs with vidan® has already paid off after just one year.

With conventional colposcopes, positioning and focusing alone would have taken me much longer than the entire examination with vidan®. It takes me just 20 seconds, even though I generally take three pictures for every patient, one each with green, red and white light. Every patient receives a colposcopy from me once a year, and as required.

I use the vidan® not just for the colposcopy but for the whole examination. It helps with the treatment of itching in the external genital area, with visual comparison before and after conisation, and even with smears during pregnancy. I’ve even been able to locate a furled coil thread thanks to its high resolution.

Almost all of my patients want to see the images, mainly on screen during the examination, but also on the computer afterwards. I’ve connected the vidan® software to my medical practice software for this purpose.

I can keep a straight posture throughout the examination by looking at the monitor. For patients, it’s also much easier to make eye contact with me than if I were looking through a lens.

The support arm and camera are ideally positioned and extremely compact. I can achieve all the necessary camera positions.

I can position patients horizontally for ultrasound scans directly on the chair and use the monitor to display the ultrasound image for the patient. This means I don’t need a second screen or a couch in my examination rooms.” 

Primar Dr. Rhode, Bregenz, Austria:
The vidan® video colposcope marks a milestone in gynaecological examinations.

“I believe that colposcopy will remain an important diagnostic tool in gynaecological examinations. Despite concerted efforts to prevent cervical pathologies by vaccination, there will always be cytological or molecular pathological results that need to be specifically investigated by colposcopy and biopsy.

Colposcopy in particular often comes down to minute details that can only be identified with optimal image quality. Displaying the diagnostic images allows better training of examiners and the evaluation of results during the procedure.

My patients are increasingly better informed and more interested in being involved in the diagnosis. For the first time, video colposcopy allows me to explain the cervical results to the patient immediately, during the examination.

Apart from video colposcopy, the vidan® is a useful examination tool for investigating vaginal and vulvar or perianal changes.

In terms of its ergonomics, it is much easier to work in an upright position compared to conventional colposcopy. Being able to simultaneously discuss the image with the patient promotes doctor/patient contact and a relationship of trust.

Automatic focusing is, of course, a standard of modern digital camera systems, however, for practical work the option of manual focusing and positioning is essential. Both options are available on the vidan® and allow you to work whichever way suits you.

Integrating the video colposcope in the medi-matic® chair is a huge advantage in my view, both in terms of design and for saving space in examination rooms. It is a lightweight, flexible and quickly adjustable examination instrument, which can be perfectly integrated into the examination process.

For me, the vidan® represents a milestone in improving the ergonomics, image quality and modern-day patient involvement in gynaecological examinations.”


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