Full HD Video Colposcope vidan®2 –
Precise, bright, easy to handle: The world‘s first
integrated video colposcope with Full HD and 21,5“ monitor

The innovative high-tech addition for gynaecological examination chairs

Ergonomic sitting position

  • vidan®2 can be used in an optimally ergonomic, fatigue-free sitting position, thus facilitating the physician‘s work

Diagnostic accuracy

  • High resolution images and videos in full HD quality
  • Swivelling 21.5“ monitor for a large-scale image display and an exact rendering of the examination field
  • Integrated efficient luminaire with connectible powerful examination light (30.000 Lux)
  • Green light plus an additional electronic green colour filter for a better visualization of tissues in Pap smears

Space and time saving

  • Automatic focus and 6 to 15fold zoom at the touch of a button
  • Quick and easy documentation of the examination findings by the Image/Video Save Button
  • Pre-installed SCHMITZ software for archiving of images and videos via LAN connection or USB port (optional integration via DICOM, GDT or HL7 interface possible)
  • Clearly arranged control elements
  • Free swivelling allows storing the colposcope in a space-saving parking position


  • No additional computer required to operate vidan®2. The system is completely autonomous, video findings can be collected and archived via the integrated vidan®2 software.

Feedback from our customers

Elke Grotegut-Semik, Werne, Germany:
The vidan® video colposcope has become indispensable for me.

„The vidan® is extremely easy to operate. However, sometimes I could do with an even bigger radius of movement. The automatic focusing of the colposcope could also be smoother on occasions."


Dr. med. Paata Saria, Dortmund, Germany:
The purchase of two vidan® video colposcopes has already paid off.

"With conventional colposcopes, positioning and focusing alone would have taken me much longer than the entire examination with vidan®. It takes me just 20 seconds, even though I generally take three pictures for every patient, one each with green, red and white light. Every patient receives a colposcopy from me once a year, and as required."

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Primar Dr. Rhode, Bregenz, Austria:
The vidan® video colposcope marks a milestone in gynaecological examinations.

I believe that colposcopy will remain an important diagnostic tool in gynaecological examinations. Despite concerted efforts to prevent cervical pathologies by vaccination, there will always be cytological or molecular pathological results that need to be specifically investigated by colposcopy and biopsy.“

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