medi-matic 115

Control Concept

The new and trend-setting control concept for medi-matic® Model Nos. 115.7250.1 and 115.7550.1

  • Illuminated graphics display to indicate all chair functions
  • Electronic diagnosis function
  • 2 additional programmable keys e.g. for seat heating and triggering of a cold light source or a colposcope with integrated sockets 101.6800.0
  • Storage and display of 8 memory positions (treatment positions/physician’s selection)
  • Up to 50% reduction of adjustment times on 115.7250.1 and 115.7550.1 chairs
  • Soft start-up and ergonomic movement of chair positionings
  • Foot and hand operation for the control of all adjustments
  1. Display colours:
    Blue: Back section adjustment
    Yellow: Seat adjustment
    Green: Memory
    White: Foot supports
    The colour as displayed indicates
    the foot switch mode.
  2. Bracket for manual control unit
    made of 18/10 stainless steel, can be fitted on the
    left or right side as required, snap-in function.
  1. Foot control
    operation of the chair via foot control.

  2. Seat heating
    Model No. 101.4620.0

    activated or switched off by manual control unit. Average power consumption approx. 20 watts, adjustable indication of temperature via display (not available with chairs for urologic purposes and model no. 115.7150.1)

2 Power sockets Model No. 101.4900.0
for 115.7150.1
acc. to EN 60601-1. (subsequent fitting not possible)
2 Power sockets Model No. 101.4910.0
similar to 101.4900.0, but “Swiss type“ socket (subsequent fitting not possible)

2 Power sockets Model No. 101.6800.0
for 115.7250.1 and 115.7550.1
according to EN 60601-1, activation of 1 socket by manual control unit. (subsequent fitting not possible)
2 Power sockets Model No. 101.6810.0
similar to 101.6800.0, but “Swiss design”. (subsequent fitting not possible)

Other country-specific sockets available on request.


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