Arm rest
Model no. 101.0019.0

covered foam pad, antistatic, 450 mm long, with arm strap and attachment clamp, horizontally and vertically adjustable, tiltable via ball-and-socket joint, stainless steel.

Side rails for back section (pair)
Model no. 101.0465.0

stainless steel 18/10, 25 x 10 mm, at the back section, for attaching accessories, 400 mm long.


Leatherette cover (pair)
Model no. 101.0473.0

for integrated handles of foot supports, according to colour chart, with zip fastener.

Leatherette cover (pair)
Model no. 101.0474.0

for integrated handles of Göpel-type leg supports, according to colour chart, with zip fastener.


Model no. 101.0472.0

with magnetic attachment, leatherette cover according to colour chart.

Protective covers (pair)
Model no. 101.0475.0

of transparent plastic material, for foot supports.


Paper roll
Model no. 101.0489.0

500 mm wide, for integrated storage space.

Rinsing basin with convenient holder
Model no. 101.0495.0

to maintain horizontal position; basin made of chrome nickel steel with plastic frame 325 x 175 x 65 mm (W x L x H), 2.5 litre volume.

101.0482.0 and 101.0481.0

Side rail (piece)
Model no. 101.0464.0

for the seat section, stainless steel 18/10, 25 x 10 mm, 150 mm long.

2 Power sockets
Model no. 101.0482.0

acc. to EN 60601-1. (subsequent fitting not possible)

2 Power sockets
Model no. 101.0483.0

similar to 101.0482.0, but „Swiss type“ socket. (subsequent fitting not possible)
(w/o ill.)

Socket for potential equalisation
Model no. 101.0481.0

101.0487.0 and 101.0488.0

LED Ambient illumination
Model no. 101.0487.0

LED illumination on both sides above the colour panel, choice of 13 different colours, tone-in-tone colour shade already adapted to the selected pad colour (white LED for brown, black and grey pads).

Colour panel
Model no. 101.0488.0

in line with colour of pads.

Doctor‘s foot support
Model no. 101.0469.0

LH mounting, patient‘s POV.

Doctor‘s foot support
Model no. 101.0468.0

RH mounting, patient‘s POV. (w/o ill.)


Colposcope support
Model no. 101.0467.0
for Leisegang, Leica, Kaps and Zeiss systems, RHS or LHS fitting. For Kaps and Zeiss systems, please order required mounting tube with attachment from your colposcope supplier. (w/o colposcope)

Model no. 101.0466.0

2 swivel-type double castors, Ø 75 mm, 4 fixed-type castors Ø 50 mm, electrically conductive, with central lock (retrofittable).

Must not be used for patient transport!


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