varimed® - Universal examination couch

Universal examination couch
Model no. 211.4300.0
electromotive height adjustment from 500 to 920 mm by means of foot control unit.
With safety ON/OFF switch to turn control element on or off. Mid-section can be used as back rest, manual adjustment of head, back and seat section by 35° each, stainless steel rinsing basin, clamps for leg supports. 70 mm thick foam rubber upholstery, leatherette cover acc. to SCHMITZ colour chart. Powder coated chassis in white aluminium RAL 9006, grey aluminium RAL 9007 or grey white RAL 9002. Silver-grey plastic chassis cover. With 4 levelling feet, not electrically conductive. 2.40 m connecting cable with mains plug. Upon request, hand control instead of foot control unit.

Safe working load:
in horizontal position for general examinations: 225 kg
in gyn. position: 135 kg

Surcharge for coloured chassis
Model no. 200.6540.0

acc. to colour chart



  1. Paper roll holder
    Model no. 200.0930.0

    for paper rolls up to 590 mm width, fitting at head section.

    Paper roll
    Model no. 200.1030.0

    500 mm wide, 50 m roll, (w/o ill.)
  2. Side rail (piece)
    Model no. 200.4401.0

    at head section, 25 x 10 x 480 mm
  1. Arm rest
    Model no. 202.1070.0

    plastic board, integral foam pad, antistatic, with attachment strap, stainless steel clamp, one-touch swivelling through 180° and horizontal as well as vertical adjustment, height  adjustable, width 150 mm, length 600 mm. Mounting to side rail 200.4401.0 (not included).
  2. Infusion pole
    Model no. 200.4600.0
    stainless steel, upper part with 4 hooks, attachment clamp and ball-and-socket joint adjustment, range of adjustment 410 mm, fitting to side rail 200.4401.0 (not included), safe working load: 2 kg (per hook)
  1. Mobility
    Model no. 200.0250.0
    4 closed double castors Ø 100 mm, 2 of which el. conductive, central lock per axis, 1 castor with directional lock. (Height adjustment range remains the same.)
  2. Holder for foot control
    Model no. 200.0350.0

    of steel, powder coated white aluminium RAL 9006, for mounting at the long side of the couch

Leg support (piece)
Model no. 202.2270.0

Goepel type, silver-grey integral foam pad, with fastening strap, stainless steel 18/10 rod.


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