Height adjustable examination and treatment couches

Colours for powder coated finishes

    grey white RAL 9002
    colza yellow RAL 1009050*
    light green RAL 6027
    pure white RAL 9010
    signal yellow RAL 1003
    lemon green RAL 1008060*
    alabaster grey RAL 0007500*
    pastel orange RAL 2003
    leaf green RAL 1206050*
    light grey RAL 7035
    light ivory RAL 1015
    white blue RAL 2408015*
    anthracite grey RAL 7016
    sahara beige RAL 0607030*
    light blue RAL 2606030*
    jet black RAL 9005
    antique pink RAL 3014
    sapphire blue RAL 5003
    white aluminium RAL 9006
    heather violet RAL 4003
    grey aluminium RAL 9007
    vermillon RAL 2002


    * RAL shades




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