varimed® - Height adjustable examination and treatment couches


  • Large and ergonomic height adjustment range

  • No displacement of table-top during height adjustment

  • Moulded base provides generous legspace

Hydraulic adjustment

Examination and Treatment Couch
Model no. 211.4100.0
hydraulic height adjustment 500 to 920 mm by means of foot lever.
Servo-assisted head section adjustment from -20° to +40°.
2-section upholstery 70mm thick, 650 mm wide, leatherette cover acc. to Schmitz colour chart. Powder coated chassis in white aluminium RAL 9006, grey aluminium RAL 9007
or grey white RAL 9002. Silver-grey plastic chassis cover.
With 4 levelling feet, not electrically conductive.
Safe working load: 225 kg

Examination and Treatment Couch
Model no. 211.4110.0
as model 211.4100.0, but 800 mm wide upholstery (w/o ill.)

211.4200.0/211.4210.0 with 200.0250.0
  1. Examination and Treatment Couch
    Model no. 211.4200.0
    as 211.4100.0, but electromotive height adjustment from 500 to 920 mm by means of foot control unit, with safety ON/OFF switch to turn control element on or off, 2.40 m connecting cable with mains plug. Upon request, hand control instead of foot control unit.

    Examination and Treatment Couch
    Model no. 211.4210.0
    as model 211.4200.0, but 800 mm wide upholstery (w/o ill.)
  2. Holder for foot control
    Model no. 200.0350.0

    for Examination and Treatment couches 211.4200.0 and 211.4210.0, of steel, powder coated
    white aluminium RAL 9006, for mounting at the long side of the couch (retrofittable)
  1. Mobility
    Model no. 200.0250.0
    4 closed double castors Ø 100 mm, 2 of which el. conductive,central lock per axis, 1 castor with directional lock(Height adjustment range remains the same) 
  2. Side guards (pair)
    Model no. 200.0400.0

    990 mm long, folding down to below top of mattress, powder coated white aluminium RAL 9006

further accessories w/o illustration:

Paper roll holder Model no. 200.0930.0 for paper rolls up to 590 mm wide

Paper roll Model no. 200.1030.0 500 mm wide

Edge protection Model no. 200.0410.0 of plastic, grey, at all four upholstery corners

Head section with nose outlet Model no. 200.0500.0

Filling for nose outlet Model no. 200.0510.0

Side rail (piece) Model no. 200.4402.0 for mounting either side, 25 x 10 x 750 mm, max. charge 30 kg, cannot be combined with side guards 200.0400.0

Surcharge for coloured chassis Model no. 200.6530.0 acc. to colour chart 



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