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27.08.07, Product news
Delivery Bed with new Foot Rests

27.08.07, Product news
Crash Protection included

29.06.07, Newsletter
Research Activities strengthen Market Position

Minister Pinkwart inaugurates new Building in Boenen

03.07.07, Newsletter
Launch with Operating Table aboard

03.07.07, Newsletter
A Cool Job in Perpetual Ice

05.06.07, Product news
Quick Positioning and comfortable Access

The new Gynaecological Chair “arco”: a Combination of Cost Effectiveness and Convenience

09.11.06, Product news
Treatment Chair with an Elephant´s Memory

Improved Working Conditions for Proctologists

09.11.06, Product news
Urology-Chair with Comfortable Control

Easy to position, quick to operate

09.11.06, Product news
Easy to operate—quickly to position

Gyn Chair with Seat Heating Device as new Accessory

09.11.06, Product news
Standing strong in Mobile Documentation

New Ward Trolley for working with the Electronic Patient File


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