16.11.2009, Product news

The jewel for the OR theatre

New operating table series with an outstanding ease of use

The new star in the operating table line by Schmitz is the OPX DIAMOND series, which the company is displaying at the MEDICA and which is now at its start of production. The new mobile operating tables can be used for any surgical discipline.

Thanks to its telescopic column the tables offer a huge range of height adjustment making them perfectly suited for tall surgeons and ergo-nomic operating in sedentary positions. The shaped bottom chassis leaves much legroom for the surgeon. The DIAMOND´s segmented table top can be adjusted in length and width to the demands of dif-ferent surgeries. Electromotive adjustment of the prevalent table func-tions as well as of the back rest, the leg plates and the leg supports allow an anatomically correct and comfortable patient positioning and intraoperative corrections of the position.

The new product also offers exceptional safety and stability features. The DIAMOND is characterized by its great stability and firmness and sustains both traction and pressure forces during orthopaedic surger-ies. Furthermore, it is suitable for surgeries of heavy weight patients up to a safe workload of 360 kg. Another important safety aspect is its two-level safety system with additional removable hand-held control unit and the option of manual adjustment to ensure the table func-tions.


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