18.11.2008, Product news

Schmitz sponsors childbirth movie

The delivery bed Partura combines mainstream and alternative medicine

It is far from being a Hollywood production, and yet this movie will find its audience: expectant parents who are looking forward to their baby´s birth. The new production on DVD titled “birth-move-ment – preventive obstetrics and postnatal care” presents various examples about the preparations, the actual childbirth process and the first days afterwards. Austrian producer and midwife Karin Berghammer´s ambitious project has been supported by Schmitz u. Soehne and the Vienna university hospital.

It aims to inform expectant parents and eliminate possible complications before childbirth itself begins. The film has a popular science character and a length of 56 minutes. It is suitable to be shown on information meetings with expectant parents and may also serve as a communicative means of maternity units. The film demonstrates the high importance of a pleasant atmosphere in the delivery room. Furthermore, the equipment and furniture have to be adapted both to the demands of the expectant mother with her attendant and the medical staff. “With our delivery bed `Partura´ we try to combine mainstream and alternative medicine. Expectant mothers and parents with the bed´s support can actively participate in the birth process”, says Ludolf Schmitz CEO-owner of Schmitz. These are excellent prerequi-sites for a spontaneous nativity as shown in the movie.
Purchasers of the „Partura“ delivery bed will receive a free copy. It is avail-able in German, English, French and Italian.

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