16.11.2009, Product news

SCHMITZ functional trolleys

Maximum flexibility and optimum hygiene

The new functional trolleys line by Schmitz u. Söhne GmbH & Co. KG convinces not only by its look, but also by its numerous improvements.

The high-quality drawer guides ensure a long life expectancy and a steady high functionality over the years. Their closed construction and the detachable drawer front facilitate cleaning. The drawer fronts can also be replaced without any tools.

The drawers can be fully pulled out, rendering their contents completely accessible. A surrounding disinfectant-proof sealing profile shields the interior from moisture and dust. The new automatic pull-in function keeps the drawers closed during transport. An Airmatic shock absorber system makes them slide shut smoothly and silently.

Transforming a trolley into a multifunctional trolley requires a profes-sional attachment system for accessories which Schmitz u. Söhne now has on offer. The new aluminium rail system makes infinite adjustment to the user´s ergonomic demands. It consists of a tubular rack that is screwed to the trolley’s side or back. Vertically adjustable rails for ac-cessories can be attached to these racks. The accessories can be flexibly slid on the rail in horizontal directions.

Using the side rail system provides more orderliness for the working place and an improvement in hygiene: cross-contamination is reduced due to the hygienic positioning of the dispensers (clean and unclean area).


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