18.11.2008, Product news

New lightweight ward rolleys

Guarantee for optimal hygienic conditions

Schmitz u. Soehne has added new models to its series of varimed trolleys for hospital requirements. Not only do the new trolleys convince in aesthetical categories but also by many improved features. Due to the use of lighter materials the trolleys´ weight has been reduced approx. by 20 per cent compared to the present ones, making it easier to move them. Their construction provides a maximum stability.

The high quality drawer guide rails stand for longevity and a constant high functionality for years. At the same time their closed construction makes cleaning easier and provides better hygiene. For the same purpose the drawers´ fronts can be replaced without tools.

The drawers can be extracted completely giving full access its whole content. A allround sealing strip, which resists disinfectants, protects the trolleys´ content against moisture and dirt. The drawers retracting makes them automatically slide into the corpus and prevents them from accidentally opening while the trolley is being moved. The drawers´ automatic has been provided with an airmatic damping which lets the drawers slide backwards elegantly and easily.

The new models´ curved plastic gallery together with the surrounded covering of the chassis and the ergonomically shaped push bar makes a great visual impact. The trolleys are available in various combinations as regards to size, drawer modules and colour. Thus they can be fitted to both, the ward´s aesthetic and functional requirements.


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