20.11.2015, Press release

Real protection against MRSA thanks to new technology

Patient stretchers from Schmitz u. Söhne with antibacterial coating

Wickede/Bönen. Patient stretchers need to be safe, practical and above all clean. But that's not so easy because what many people don't know is: hazardous bacteria, such as MRSA, can be traced even to the cleanest of surfaces where they present a health hazard. Dangerous types of bacteria, fungus and molds can survive up to 16 months, depending on type. The medium-sized family company, Schmitz u. Söhne, decided to attack this problem and has come up with a special anti-bacterial coating on its patient stretchers. "The powder coating contains an antibacterial additive which neutralizes bacteria and damages their cell structure. That stops reproduction, and the pathogens die out within a short period of time," explains the managing partner, Friedrich Schmitz.

Up to 80 percent of certain germs are destroyed within 15 minutes, while up to 99 percent are destroyed within two hours. The use of the antibacterial surface is a supplement to the necessary sanitation processes and increases protection from potentially dangerous pathogens when used in combination.

The coating is useful in the areas of the stretcher which are particularly hazardous and compromised in regards to sanitation requirements, such as side guards and the push bar. "The protection is guaranteed for the entire lifespan of the product," explains Schmitz. In addition, the technology is invisible to the naked eye because the coating is absolutely color-neutral.

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