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Further general accessories

ill. shows 2 sets of 101.0194.0 and back section extension 101.0131.0

Set of extension pads
Model no. 101.0194.0
set of 2 foam pads with antistatic cover, 500 mm long, for seat and back section, attachment to side rails via quick-locking clamps, with addit. side rails for accessories. For positioning of adipose patients as well as positionings in which patients have to be turned during intervention. New total width of table-top: DIAMOND: 790 mm, OPX mobilis: 770mm
Set of extension pads
Model no. 101.0200.0
similar to extension pads 101.0194.0, but 300 mm long
(w/o ill.)

  1. Foot rest (pair)
    Model No. 101.0202.0
    attachment to the side rails by means of integrated clamps, width adjustable from 430 to 735 mm, can be folded down to serve as a table-top extension, 250 x 200 mm (H x W).
  2. Leg restraint strap
    Model No. 101.0185.0

    1 pair, with pads, for split leg section, incl. attachment clamps to attach to side rails, length: 1200 mm.
  1. Transfer leg plates (pair)
    Model no. 101.0218.0

    in combination with the attachment device for orthopaedic extension device,
    for DIAMOND operating tables: also attachment to seat section instead of leg section. Bent stainless steel tube with fabric cover, lightweight construction. For anaesthetization of patients for gynaecological or urological interventions or for interventions using the extension device.
    Length of leg plates: 875 mm
  2. Plate for paediatric surgery
    Model no. 101.0239.0

    for DIAMOND operating tables, attachment at the seat section interface, stainless steel frame, with side rails for attachment of accessories, visco-elastic foam mattress with electrically conductive cover 700 x 400 mm (L x W).

    Plate for paediatric surgery
    Model no. 101.0241.0

    as 101.0239.0, however for mobilis operating tables (w/o ill.)
  1. Rack for accessories
    Model No. 101.0120.0
    square-section tubular steel frame with 5 rails for attachment of accessories and 1 basket, stainless steel, antistatic castors, overall dimensions: 1430 mm height, 630 mm wide, 580 deep (w/o accessories).
  2. Rack for storing of head and leg plates
    Model No. 101.0410.0

    stainless steel square-section tubular frame with 6 pairs of mounting devices for DIAMOND head and leg plates, 2 standard rails and 1 basket. El. conductive swivel castors. Total dimensions: 918 x 1243 x 1308 mm (W x D x H)
  1. Cleaning shuttle
    Model no. 101.0246.0

    for DIAMOND Operating tables, device for underchassis cleaning and disinfecting of tables. The OR table is moved into the device with the table top in its highest position, the frame of the cleaning shuttle is positioned under the seat section of the table. Lowering the table top then lifts the table base off the floor and gives access to its underside for cleaning. Stainless steel frame, plastic guide rails, 2 directional castors diam. 75 mm, 2 antistatic castors diam. 125 mm, individually lockable. 740 x 1.240 x 1.150 mm (W x D x H) For DIAMOND operating tables as of model year 03/2014.
  2. Splash protection
    Model no. 101.0247.0

    for DIAMOND Operating tables,transparent plastic cover for the central delivery point at the DIAMOND table base, serves as splash guard during fluid-intensive interventions, e.g. in urology or obstetrics. Serves to minimise the cleaning effort for DIAMOND OR tables. Dimensions: 826 x 203 x 250 mm (W x H x D)
  1. Cassette carrier
    Model no. 101.2810.0
    for mobilis operating tables, for X-ray cassettes of max. 350 x 430 mm, telescopic insertion bar of stainless steel.

    Cassette carrier
    Model no. 101.0228.0
    similar to 101.2810.0, for DIAMOND operating tables (w/o ill.)
  2. X-ray cassette holder
    Model no. 101.0255.0

    for attachment to side rail, swivelling holder for positioning an X-ray cassette below the table-top, incl. clamp.

    Potential equalization cable
    Model no. 101.0220.0

    3 m long (w/o ill.)
    Potential equalization cable
    Model no. 101.0230.0

    5 m long (w/o ill.)

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