Video Colposcope vidan

vidan® Software: Easy connection to the PC – convenient and quick

In the “Overview” personal records can be created, edited or deleted.

In “New recordings” you can create and comment new images or videos, which are afterwards sorted into the personal recordings archive.

In the “Archive” all recordings created so far can be displayed, printed or replayed.

Information on connecting to the medical office software

Schmitz does not connect, install and/or implement the vidanR software into existing IT systems nor does it act as an advisor. Schmitz also dies not guarantee the integration of the software into extisting IT systems and a second video source connection, such as an ultrasound device.

Please check with your IT service provider whether vidan® can be integrated into your existing medical office software beforehand! vidan® software and the software description for the system administrators can be made available for this purpose ahead of time.


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